Motorola Atrix music apps

With its extremely powerful dual core pressure, an Atrix will be able to transmit superior quality audio, stream or mp3. The Android operating system means that there are an overwhelming number of music apps, and it takes a keen eye to tell the good from the bad. Unlike radio, these music streaming apps are customizable and can be accessed from anywhere there is a network or Wi-Fi access. Here we give you some of the best downloads.
One of the pre-installed programs is Slacker radio. This niche generally means one thing, a little-used program with cheap production value. Spa Music Slacker Radio took this insight and turned it around with an amazing quality music streaming app. There are over 100 expertly scheduled stations, 10,000 artist stations, and even a long list of seasonal and featured stations. As with using the radio, it’s as easy as choosing a station and hitting play. Users won’t need to take their phone out of its case every so often because this app is actually ad-free. This app is widespread, it’s free, and it’s definitely worth a try.
Rhapsody is probably the best of the best when it comes to streaming music. For a small amount of change, music connoisseurs have access to just over 9 million songs at the touch of a button. There are thousands of songs that you can listen to. It’s like having the world’s largest music collection at your fingertips, or your phone to be more exact. Choosing some accessories, like some speakers, will be on a priority list after downloading this app. It’s perfect for the office, parties, or just for a run. Track lists can be developed by artist, genre, and even album, including mixing and matching of favorite bands and styles of music.
As of 2011, Pandora Radio now has 60 million registered users. This application is one of the most used and listened to programs available for phones of all kinds with millions of hours of music played every week. What makes this app unique is the custom radio feature. Users can enter a song, band or album and then Pandora will create a personalized radio station based on more than 2,000 unique qualities. Pandora Radio allows the user to “like” or “dislike” any song; This means that the user can perfect their playlist with songs that they really enjoy listening to. The only thing that is going to limit the number of songs that can be listened to with this application is the battery, because the music will never end.