Best doughnuts in Dubai

In a world full of differences, there’s one thing millions and millions of people agree on, and that’s the love of doughnuts! The light, crispy texture of the pastry, the glaze’s delicious stickiness, and the delicious toppings. There is an explanation of why these mouth-watering fried delicacies are continuously ranked as one of the world’s most famous sweets. The question is where to get the best doughnuts in Dubai? Get District One Villas for sale in Dubai if you want all these places to be near your new home.

The history of doughnuts

So how did the doughnut become recognised as the doughnut? One of the most romantic reasons for the name chosen is the storey of Elizabeth Gregory and her son, Hanson Gregory, a ship captain from New England, USA. She is known to have made deep-fried dough sweets for her son and his crew to keep them comfortable and safe on those long, cold Atlantic journeys. She would then place nuts in the middle of these fried sweets as a cure for places where the dough could not be cooked fully and, more logically, called her creation “doughnuts’!’

Doughnuts you would not want to miss out in Dubai

Common Grounds

Common Grounds has developed strong credibility as a speciality coffee shop with a big heart, and this could not be more true when it comes to doughnuts in this famous cafe. One of the most exclusive coffee shops in Dubai, the faithful fans of Common Ground enjoy the comfortable environment, decent coffee and tasty treats.


Founded as a simple booth in Dubai’s Ripe Market in 2017, the Emirati-owned start-up Doh is on the rise! Today, this ever-increasing doughnut company is stretching many food trucks around the UAE and an exciting brick-and-mortar shop in Khorfakkan. They are still in the middle of the food extravaganza at the beloved Last Exit Dubai. Do you wonder what makes them so popular? Their wonderfully light and crispy mini doughnuts are prepared, fried, glazed, ‘topped’ and ‘sprinkled’ right in front of you.

IL Donaccinno

Donaccinno won the award “Best Sweet Tooth” at the 2018 JLT Dining Awards for a good cause. Alongside their delicious selection of conventional and tasty doughnut variations, Donnaccino is now leading the way to wonderful vegan doughnuts in Dubai. The incredible range of vegan doughnut joys includes the Apple Cider Glazed, the Choco Lotus Biscoff, the Dark Forest Beauty and the beautiful Hello Berry.

Duck Doughnuts

Duck Donuts, the instant growing doughnut shop in the USA, is proud of their soft, tasty ‘made-to-order’ treats. They’re right here in the UAE, competing for the label of best doughnuts in Dubai. Some of the most common doughnuts on their delicious menu include the Beach Ball (vanilla icing with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate sauce) and the Sand Dollar Dollar (vanilla icing, shredded coconut and powdered sugar).

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme took their glazed specialities back to the Middle East in 2007, and we’re very happy that they did so. With more than 30 stores and several other express towers around the UAE, Dubai’s people have a special location for Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme also introduces doughnuts exclusively to their tasty menu, but their famous favourites include Caramel Kreme Crunch, Red Velvet Crunch and New York Cheesecake. Don’t forget the one that started it all, the timeless and delicious Original Glazed.


With almost 5,000 stores in more than 20 countries, Tim Horton’s is a multinational coffee and freshly made bread institution. Arrived in Dubai in 2011, Tim Horton’s now has more than 50 stores across the Emirate (including a very famous Dubai Mall branch), and countless more across the UAE.

Tim Horton happily offers 15 light and delicious ‘not-to-be-missed’ doughnuts on the list, such as the Smarties Donut, the Maple Twist, the Vanilla Dip and the wonderful Nutella Donut.

Dunkin doughnuts

Without the famous Dunkin Donuts, any list of the best doughnuts in Dubai will be incomplete. They have been happily serving the people of the UAE with their tasty offerings since 1997. Their doughnut empire in the UAE has now expanded to over 70 stores and over 550 express towers. High-class outlets include Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina Mall and La Mer Dubai. If you are alreading considering Port De La Mer Apartments for sale, DD adds another reason to strengthen yoru decision.

These were some of the finest doughnuts that you would not want to miss out. Try them all today!